Each student will be required to be in the Christmas and Spring concerts and attend rehearsals surrounding them. Concert dates will be announced as soon as they are finalized.


Each student will be required to wear the TaVaci costume in concerts.

Please check your children’s costumes in advance of concerts each year and let us know if you need different sizes! Costumes try-on days will be announced.

We use the same costume for both Christmas and Spring concerts, and we try to change costumes only every 5 or more years.

For questions or to order costumes, text Shalisa Elegante at 435-225-2962. If you are a new student, contact Shalisa ASAP!


Visitors are not allowed in the studio in order to avoid distraction and overcrowding, unless previously discussed with the instructor. If you have a question concerning your child’s progress, please feel free to visit with the instructor. You will be contacted if there are any problems.


Quarterly emails and snail-mail will be sent to announce holiday schedules and other important information. If you have a question, or feel you have missed a letter, please feel free to text or call me at 435-720-3069 or email me at meggyowen@gmail.com, or check this page, the Brigham TaVaci Facebook page or Instagram account.


Tanna Deem handles all TaVaci accounts out of her home.  Please contact her at 435-720-3254 or at tannadeem3@gmail.com if you have questions.